Custom Convo Cards

You know how sometimes no matter how hard you try to block it out,  you can’t help but overhear painful table conversation? Or worse yet, a complete lack of conversation. 

We can help.

After guests spend a few days together, all day every day, every meal together they may a little nudge to get the conversation going. 

Customized with your logo, boat pic, guest pic or whatever image you want, convo cards tuck nicely into your table setting. They ask questions designed to spur a fun conversation, evoke good memories, unearth funny stories and liven up the table.

And not a single question asks what they would do if they won $500,000 or what a guest would name their boat.

Convo cards are a great little takeaway for guests, or they can stay behind to be reused. They come in packages of 100, on hi-gloss, high quality paper in their own storage box. At 2.75 inches by 1.10 inches (70mmx28mm) they are tiny enough to tuck into any table setting. To order, call,  or email.

convo fronts.jpg