What do you charge?

Rubistudios creates one-of-a-kind custom tablescapes and theme packages for you. Rubistudios' packages have no set prices, since everything is custom for your boat. The process varies from theme to theme, based on how many guests and what kind of package we put together. If you have a smaller budget, our Happy Mornings! breakfast bags are probably your best bet. Consider Rubistudios your creative day worker who has all of their own tools and doesn't spend all day on What's App.

How does it work?

It's pretty easy for you. You can call, email, or fill out a quick form. We'll start talking about what you need and what shape it will take. We'll talk designs, ideas, dates and budgets. You'll get lots of pictures along the way. When it's time to ship, we'll confirm your address and within 72 hours you will have a totally unique table setting or theme package to impress the hell out of your guests.

How long does it take after I order before my happy box arrives?

This depends on a lot of different factors. We create one-of-a-kind killer creative table environments. Please remember that everything is done to your specs, so it will be a few weeks. We do have a bunch of ideas almost ready to go, we just need to know your table measurements and numbers. If you just found out that you have a birthday or anniversary on board and need something right away, we've got something awesome in the studio ready for this emergency. If that's the case, stop reading, just call.

How long do the Sweet Dreams cards and convo cards take for delivery?

They take an average of two weeks, once we get your logos or images. We can do a rush and get them to you faster, which includes a slight fee.

Can I see more pictures of your tablescapes and themes?

So, here's the deal, this is your custom package, not the internet's. The pictures on this site are just teasers, to give you the idea. You aren't paying us to research, design and create brilliantly awesomely unique tables and events and gifts for you to find them smeared all over Pinterest-- like the latest low-carb lasagna recipe. Once we start talking about projects,we'll email you tons of pictures and detailed information. When the package is yours, you can decide if you want to share the pictures on social networking or not. (We do ask you to tag us on instagram @rubistudios #rubistudios)

What kind of ideas do you have?

All of them. Seriously, we have notebooks full of creative ideas, just waiting to land on your boat and totally amaze your guests. Again, these ideas are for you, not the internet. We have concepts that go far beyond luau, pirate, white party, Great Gatsby and beach themes. Let's talk.

Can I re-use the packages?

Happy Mornings! breakfast bags are made to be pulled out and used every trip. Depending on the function you will get  many uses out of your custom tablescape or theme package. If it is  specific to one VIP guest whose face or name is plastered all over everything that might be a bit awkward to re-use. Most other packages can be used over and over. You may need to top up with paper supplies or guest give-aways, and turn-around time for those is pretty quick.

How do I pay?

We accept credit cards or wire transfer. 

Do you work with estates and private residences? Or are you specific to yachts?

Rubistudios is not a yacht-only venture. We work with estates, private residences, wedding planners, even companies. If necessary we will go onsite to assist with set-up. It's exactly the same, except estates and houses don't have a tendency to move from place to place. This is very convenient.

We have a big deal event. Will Rubistudios come to us?

Yes! Rubi, and-- if necessary--one or more of her assistants, can come to the boat and coordinate the install. You're busy looking after guests and getting organized for a killer event on board, you don't have time to  transform the sky lounge and the main salon into an extreme environment. Consider us your specialized creative dayworkers. Don't worry, you still get to take all of the credit!

I am an artist/maker/designer and I have some really cool ideas/products/objects that need to be a part of Rubistudios packages. Will you look at my stuff?

YES! We love finding cool stuff, especially cool handmade stuff by cool handmade makers. Use this form to submit.

How do you ship?

Within the U.S. we use FedEx. Outside of the U.S. we use DHL. Unless you have another preference, in which case, we use your shipper.

What's with all of these pictures that aren't tablescapes or themes?

Thanks for asking. These are all pictures that I've taken in my travels. Inspiration is everywhere, you just have to look for it. These images are just a few to give you a sense if the ideas and aesthetics we work with in the studio. Also, it's nice to have pretty things to look at with all of these words on the page. And, remember we said we won't post pics of your custom tables unless you're ready to share them with Pinterest, Instagram, Fancy, Facebook, and everyone else.