HAPPY MORNINGS! Breakfast packs

It’s no secret that breakfast is the toughest, most hectic meal of the day: early risers, coffee refills, green tea drinkers vs white tea drinkers, non-fat lattes, egg white omelets, gluten-free scones, pulp-free OJ, whey-protein smoothie. You’ve got the breakfast bar, and the condiments on the table, guests going ashore for a run, guests sleeping in, guests chattering, catching up on the news.

It’s anything but peaceful.

And, it’s the table setting that spends the most time on display every day. It shouldn’t be an afterthought, it should be bright, lively, and welcome your guests to another day aboard their most excellent holiday ever. 

Make breakfasts another How do they do it? moment. Make your breakfast tables spec-freaking-tacular with very little effort.

Our Happy Mornings! Packages work with what you already have on board to make your breakfast go KaPow! They include coordinating décor for every area of your breakfast set-up—from the buffet to the table—and of course, some flair for you to wear, as well. And the whole shebang fits into a small bag that you can tuck away under a bunk until next week when you need it again.

Please remember, these pictures don’t show the whole package, we keep those secrets between our studios and your boat. If you want to share those pictures with the internet, that’s your choice.