We believe we can make your guests think you're a rock star at your job (even if they are bona-fide rock stars).


We believe in fun.


We believe that fancy has gotten itself into a rut, and is now boring and predictable.


We believe fun can be fancy and fancy can be fun.


We believe your guests and clients deserve table settings and environments which are jaw-droppingly unique, like nothing they've experienced before. 


We believe fun is an aesthetic choice.


We believe the inspiration for your tables and environments should come from art, architecture, science, fashion, literature, history and pop culture. Not from on-line bulletin boards and mass-market home stores. And NEVER from party stores.

We believe in working with artists, designers, makers, studios, cooperatives, and small businesses.


We believe that in the same way the food, wine and spirits you serve are artisanal,  mindfully-created, and sustainable, so should be every other aspect of guest services, including your tables, turndowns, gifting and beyond.


We believe in doing tons of research, designing, creating and curating to construct a totally unique, fun, meticulously crafted, elegant, and memorable experience for your guests and clients, so you don’t have to.


We believe our products will make you into even more of a rock star at work, while making your job easier.


We believe that you should take all the credit for the products you buy from us; after all, you were smart enough to hire us.