Think of Rubistudios as your creative dayworker. You hire specialists to clean your carpets, repair your wallpaper, and design your interior. Now you have a dedicated creative specialist to help you create custom special events and entertaining needs.

With more than 20 years aboard yachts, Rubi knows all of the constraints of entertaining on board, from space restrictions, to dealing with displays and installations that are subject to motion, to working with a variety of different  surfaces.

We can help you create any of the following, and more, just ask:

  • V.I.P. events and parties: you've got an extra-special guest coming on board for an extra special charter or event. We can create special packages tailored exclusively for an over-the-top amazing experience. We do the work, you take the credit.


  • Holiday decorating: When you most need to go all out, is when you least have time. It's okay, we got your back. There are a lot more options out there than what you're seeing in big box and party stores, and we can find it for you. And you can be all "Oh, this, stuff, yeah, I just found it somewhere."


  • Boat show parties: again, you're so busy getting everything cleaned and organized and wiping every fingerprint off of every surface and evicting every spec of dust, give yourself a break. We got this. Together we'll come up with a plan that shows off your boat the way you want. We'll ship you all of the supplies, or deliver and install. You take all of the credit, it's that easy.


  • Photo Booths: we create the set-up, you supply the guests. You'll get a custom backdrop and lots of props and decorations. It will come in an easy to store bag, so you can use it every trip!


We can do awesome things together. 

This is going to be fun!