Sweet Dreams turndown quote cards

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Chocolate isn't always an option.

You can’t leave the pillows empty.

Flowers are nice [yawn].

Flowers don’t say your boat name, and won’t get tucked away into a guest’s bag as a memento. Flowers don’t have a funny, pithy, inspiring quote to send the guest off into a blissful sleep.

Flowers take up space and then die.

Sweet Dreams cards are chock full of happy, funny, wine-drenched quotes. The carefully chosen collection of statements from  writers, thinkers, scientists, statesmen, inventors, and artists even have some movie quotes and song lyrics in the mix. You can have a picture of the boat, a boat logo, a line drawing or any image you want printed on your Sweet Dream cards. Maybe a pic of your boss, a return charter guest, a VIP guest?

We have a huge selection of quotes. You can choose a mixed bag, romance, wine & friendship, girl power, adventure and courage, teens, inspiration, joy, gratitude. 

Sweet Dreams cards are 2.5 square inches on high quality, high gloss cardstock. They won’t get mushed into the sheets. If the guests are a wee bit tipsy when they get into bed at night and don’t notice their Sweet Dreams card, it will greet them in the morning. Your guests can begin their day with a happy thought from you.

We can do more. We can work together to find small gifts to place at the bedside every night. Guests will leave your boat with a small gallery or a collection of objects d’art.

We can work along a theme or have your turndown gifts correlate to your location or your tablescapes.

Remember, everything we do is custom. For you. For your boat. For your needs. You tell us your challenges, and we’ll find something to impress you and your guests.

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