The key to an authentic 80's lunch is in the bangs.

The key to an authentic 80's lunch is in the bangs.

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I am Rubi McGrory and I love making things.

For over two decades I made food in the galleys of private and charter yachts all over the world. I couldn’t control myself and my making habit crept out of the galley. Sensing a problem, I sought help and earned a Master’s degree in Fine Art (MFA).

BUt wait, there’s more. I’m also a writer.

Now I still make art for the table, it’s just not edible. I think that yacht guests and owners deserve fantastically awesome table settings that go beyond fancy flowers and fancy table linens  bought from fancy stores.  I get that stews don’t have the time to research trends, generate ideas, find artists, curate objects, and learn techniques to create cool things. I also get that most stews aren’t interested in that, I am. I love it. I am constantly coming up with new ideas and finding new artists whose work needs to be shown off.

I have a very handsome yacht captain husband. My studio is part of our 160 year old house in Savannah, Georgia, where we collect art and odd objects from our travels. Captain handsome husband also indulges my obsessive desire to visit museums and galleries wherever we go, so I am always being inspired.

I am a freelance writer with Dockwalk magazine and an ordained minister who has married dozens of couples.

Aside from my love of making things, I love cheese, I love throwing parties, I love yoga, I love traveling, I love hiking, I love colors, I love things that sparkle and shine. I don’t really care for asparagus. I have a collection of earrings I find on the street.

And most importantly,  I am really excited about the next project I am working on.