Trip kits

There's a very easy way to be a rock star to your guests: treat them like rock stars. Make things special and just for them.

Pampering your guests is more than fancy toiletries and spa robes. Show them you know how to go the extra mile by branding a trip, for a  birthday or anniversary or a special group. 

You can make the trip stand out by having coordinated personalized little touches that keep popping up throughout the guests stay on board. 

We can help you brand the trip with a simple logo, illustration or caricature that goes on everything from turn down cards to lavender pillows to mugs, bags and love poems, and oh, so much more (we're not giving all of our ideas away here). We can do as few as 2 pieces or as many as you need to get through the season. 

If you want to raise the bar, don't waste your time with another napkin folding book, do something radical and let us help.

Remember, everything we do is custom. For you. For your boat. For your needs. You tell us your challenges, and we’ll make you look like a rock star.

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